Energy Retailers

  • Pay only when a customer signs up for you service
  • Maintain full control of the user experience
  • High quality customers specifically shopping for a new electricity provider
  • Easy to implement

Represent your Brand and Products

With advances in product development – from power saving offerings to loyalty and incentive programs – shopping for electricity is about more than purely finding the best rate. The Power Target platform is designed to let advertisers showcase more than simply a rate. Your fully customized message allows you to highlight what makes your brand and plans unique.

When a customer selects your message, it means their values match your offering, driving higher conversion rates and better customers. So call it out: Customer service, industry awards, stability, environmental consciousness, whatever makes your company and your customers unique. The Customer then goes directly through your conversion funnel, so you can ensure a smooth, consistent brand experience.

Superior Targeting

  • Category
    • Residential
    • Small & Medium Business
    • Renewable
  • Target Ads and Set Priorities
    • Zip Code
    • Distributor/Utility
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